Causes of Nasal Congestion: Why People Get a Blocked Nose?

Nasal Infections

Many adults suffer from problems like colds around 2 to 3 times every year, children are likely to suffer from colds more regularly, however that tapers away when they start building their immunities as they grow. Actually, there can be a number of viruses which could trigger common cold, a few may be airborne while others can be contracted via basic contact of hand to the nose.

sinuses of a congested nose

Your body releases a chemical called histamine whenever a virus develops itself within the nose. This results in a huge increase in the flow of blood towards your nose resulting in nasal congestion & swelling. Most persons utilize over the counter medicines/decongestants in order to relieve themselves from the symptoms of the illness. The truth is that only time can cure your cold.

People suffering with acute sinus infection may experience plenty of nasal congestion along with a heavy mucus release. Also, they may suffer plenty of tenderness & pain within the upper jaw, cheek area, at the back side of their eyes or inside the forehead region. This will depend upon the sinus region thatís infected.

Hereditary Causes

These include structural defects of a personís septum or nose. These defects are caused typically due to some sort of injury caused to the nasal region. These kind of defects may result in a deviated septum or similar structural problems that ultimately cause issues like blocked nose.


Additional causes include grass fever, hay fever, & other allergies. A normal allergic reply to an external substance like pollen, animal dander, dust, mold, etc. is an inflated inflammation followed by a mucus build up inside a nasal cavity.
Congestion issues may also be caused by allergies to a variety of foods.

Most of the allergens are periodic for example spring allergies that are typically resulted from trees, allergies in summer that are typically caused due to grasses, fall allergies that are typically a result of weeds & winter allergies that are typically a result of dust allergies.

The sad part is, if mold is the major source, the symptoms may be experienced throughout the year. For this, it is best to simply avoid exposing yourself to the stuff which cause the allergy, however that may not be a choice for most. Patients whoíve allergies like these may suffer from congestion because of an excessive volume of watery nasal mucus creation which could be typically relieved via an antihistamine.

Nasal congestions can trigger panic attacks, contributes to addictions, and cause other health concerns.

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Major Side effects of Radiation & Chemotherapy

People whoíre undergoing chemotherapy may suffer a number of side effects. These side effects are most probably associated with the cells which are created or divided quickly. Cells which divide fast may include blood cells, cells in the hair follicle, bone marrow, cells within the digestive region & those within the reproductive area. When damage to these cells occur, a person may experience a number of negative effects related to chemo and radiation. Every drug related to chemo has distinct side effects which might vary based upon the level of dosage, how its given, etc. Thereís no typical experience with respect to these side effects.

Among the most dreaded ones is vomiting or nausea. Patients worry about this more than any ill effect since nobody likes feeling diseased 24/7. Luckily, there are various medications present which could either treat or at least prevent vomiting and nausea.

Due to such medications, side effects like the one mentioned above can be controlled. However, you cannot completely take them out of the equation.

Due to the damage caused to the stomach lining in addition to the small intestine, vomiting is very common when undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Chemotherapeutic drugs are intended to destroy the cells which generate rapidly as that is what a disease like cancer do the cells.

female with hair loss: chemo as sided effects of radiationchemotherapy side effects

Another feared side effect is loss of hair. Although, not every patient suffers from these but a few may experience issues like hair thinning.

Another side effect that is most common is the loss of appetite. In case an individual suffers severe loss of appetite, a physician could suggest a feeding tube because for a successful chemotherapy, the maintenance of a patientís weight is quite crucial. The loss of appetite can be caused due to the medications or due to cancer effects on a personís metabolic system.

Another side effect which is very serious is the loss of white blood cells. This is because chemotherapy not only damages your blood cells, but also the cells that are present within the bone marrow section. White blood cells play a huge role in defending your body from a number of infections present in the surrounding atmosphere.

So, when these cell are destroyed, an individual is likely to become more prone to a number of infections as well as cold. Some people develop panic attacks, while there even those who will suffer from addictions to sugar, coffee, and alcohol.

Celebrities Who Suffered from Asthma

Asthma should not restrict your way of living. During the past, people who were suffering with the disease were not allowed to participate in the workout session. But today, workout is considered to be among the most effective means to control the long-term effects of asthma. Most celebrities are open enough to talk of their asthma, whereas others are continuously coming forward day in and day out to help demystify the illness as well as to help other people get over it.

There’s no shortage of popular sports celebs who dealt the disease & even enhanced their problem with their daily activities. Amy Van Dyken, a swimmer who was the very first female from the United States to win four gold medals during a single Olympic tournaments also dealt with asthma. Actually, she engaged in the sport after her doctor advised her to try out swimming so as to prevent her asthma attack. Another swimmer from the US, Tom Dolan suffered the illness and had issues while competing because of the restrictions on medicines he consumed when swimming competitively. The guy won gold medals in 2 Olympic Tournaments.

Although swimming may be among the best way to work out especially if you suffer from asthma, athletes from other fields too have accomplished the peak of their sport in spite of having to deal with their illness.

British marathon runner, Paula Radcliffe as well as Jackie Joyner Kersee, one of the best long jumper & heptathlete suffered with asthma as well.

david beckham a celebrity with asthmaDavid Beckham, one of the most successful soccer players in the world has the disease ever since his childhood! He was able to keep the illness under wraps for a number of years, till the British media captured his pic of using an inhaler. Later, Beckham said the disease wouldn’t stand in between his sports future. It is clear that he’ll retire being among the most praised players in the history of football.

Lindsay Lohan is suffering from the illness since her childhood. Lately, her asthma attacks have been quite severe resulting in broken arteries. However, the celeb’s status as one of the most popular Hollywood actresses means she gets the best possible medical treatment.

The success of the persons mentioned above in addition to a number of others clearly confirms that you do not need to restrict yourself or your abilities when suffering from the disease. Rather, fight against it and very soon, you’ll find yourself completely free from the illness.